Lianne La Havas - "Green and Gold" Music Video

Working quickly and collaborating well, I often find myself working with production companies repeatedly. The following are samples of ABC Family cross-promotional spots I storyboarded while working with the amazing Scratch Creative/Ranch Hand Entertainment!

3 DOORS DOWN - "In the Dark" 

Storyboarded the music video for the band's 2015 single, featuring RJ Mitte.​

Midwife- Blake Salzman

I have enjoyed working with so many talented clients while doing concept design, shot design, and storyboards. Collaborating repeatedly with directors and producers I have sometimes worked with for years, it is very exciting to see the scope of their ambitions and productions grow. Select projects I have fully boarded have even gone on to win PromaxBDA Awards for Marketing (2015), and have been featured at Cannes Film Festival and Toronto Film Festival 2017.

The following are two of the growing number of projects I've collaborated with Director Warren Fu.

In addition to purely storyboarding, the collaboration with Warren offers me the opportunity after we go over the treatment to run with a lot of the visual elements and design them as I see them in my mind.

The first is the announcement of Coach's Holiday 2017 Fashion Line, and the second is the music video for Paramore's "Rose Colored Boy."

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I worked with the Rosetta Marketing Agency doing concept, storyboards, and shot design for a full launch of Samsung B2B, B2C, and Broadcast marketing for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung Galaxy s8, and Samsung Tab.

The following ABC FAMILY broadcast commercial I storyboarded was awarded a 



I storyboarded an ad promoting Adidas Climachill line of athletic apparel, featuring members of the US Olympic Track & Field Team. I've included some side-by-side comparisons of the boards to the final shots.

ABC Family - "The Forest" Cross-Promotional Spot

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